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Transformer Maintenance

Transformer Maintenance:

On Site Services:

  • Complete turnkey projects for 11 KV,22 KV,33 KV & 66 KV class including Installation, Testing & commissioning (SITC)
  • ETC of the power transformers up to 500 MVA., 400 KV Class
  • Repairs up to 50 MVA through our associates with our strong design skills
  • Testing – complete switch yard along with transformer and relays up to 400 KV class.
  • Complete overhauling of the transformer up to 315 MVA
  • Reconditioning& Retrofitting of the Transformer
  • Critical oil Leakage Attending
  • Oil Filtration right from distribution to Power transformer (we have 3000 LPH,6000 LPH & 10,000 LPH high vacuum filter machine)
  • Annual maintenance of the Transformer

Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Switch yard testing up to 400 KV
  • Routine testing, Special Test
  • Special Visits where and when required
  • Servicing Visit
  • Breakdown emergency services
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for Oil Cooled & Dry type Transformers.
  • Reactivating Silica Gel of Breather.
  • Transformer Oil Filtration & Painting at site.
  • Replacing of Spare Parts: like Gasket, Breather, Tap Switch, Bushings and Metal Parts.
  • Buy & Sell old Transformers under buy back Scheme.
  • New Transformers for sales & Services.
  • Installation & Commissioning of Transformers.
  • Repair & Rewinding of all type of Transformers.
  • Preventive Maintenance of all type of Transformers.
  • Breakdown Maintenance of all type of Transformers
Over Hauling Services

Overhauling & Servicing On Site

  • Dismantling
  • Testing
  • Servicing
  • Oil filtration
  • Replacement of spares if required
  • Reassembling
special- testing-on-site

Special Testing On Site

  • Routine Testing
  • Tan delta test
  • Tests intended to be repeated in the field to confirm no damage during shipment, for example Frequency Response Analysis
  • SFRA .
  • Partial Discharge Test (PD Test)
  • Zero-sequence impedance on three-phase transformers.
  • Power taken by fan and oil-pump motors.
  • Determination of sound levels.
  • Determination of capacitances between windings and earth, and between windings.
  • Determination of transient voltage transfer between windings.
Site Filtraion

On Site Filtration

  • Oil filtration / Online filtration
  • Purification with drying process (Dehydration)
  • Regenerating or Reclamation with degassing (Degassing)
Breaker Services

Breaker Service

  • Identifying the fault and servicing the same or replacing that part if required.
  • Checking the Tripping operations, identifying it and repairing the same.
  • Overall service of the LBS / VCB.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for LBS / VCB.
  • HRC Fuse Replacement (if required).
  • CT & PT replacement (if required).
  • Load Break Switch Operations.
  • VCB Operations.
  • VCB Control wiring and metering operations.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract operations.
Ring Main Unit

Ring Main Unit ( RMU )

  • RMU accessories replacement (if required.
  • CT & PT replacement (if required).
  • HRC Fuse Replacement (if required).
  • SF6 gas filling